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Premier Closet Mirror

Premier Closet Mirror

In a space no wider than a jacket hung on a hanger, our latest mirror’s design takes up less than half the stored width of our original Closet Mirror at a modest two inches! It’s as beautiful and functional as our original Closet Mirror – but it’s so much better! You can hide it with its super skinny profile. Then you can guide it out into use. And finally, you can spy your favorite clothes in it. After all, if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it!

Best of all, our Premier Closet Mirror is available in three different heights of 48", 36" and 24" to fit a variety of design configurations in your closet.

Premier Closet Mirror
Dimensions: 48”h x 13½”w x 1-11/16”d
Fits any partition at least 14” deep and 8" wide
Allow 2” horizontal space for storage
Available in Silver Mist in 24",36" and 48"
Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze in 48"
Aluminum frame with steel, ball-bearing slides
Soft-close retracting mechanism, requires only a gentle push
Adjustable to different heights to meet the viewer’s needs
Can be installed behind cabinet doors
Overtravels 1” to clear adjacent cabinet doors and drawers
Universal left or right mount hardware
Full body image when standing 24” from mirror
Finger pull for ease of opening and closing
Packaged in 1 carton with premountd hardware
Easy to install with four screws
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