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Premier Tie Rack

Premier Tie Rack

Perfect for hard-to-reach closet areas—such as corners or behind a door—our new Premier Racks take belt and tie organization one step further than our patented Deluxe Racks. Pull out and turn. It’s that easy. Not only does it bring all your ties or belts out from the folds of your shirts and pants, but it then turns ninety degrees to face you. Voilà! Now you can see everything on the rack. 
Featuring an over-extension, ball-bearing slide, the Premier Rack is constructed from steel and cast aluminum. Its exclusive, patent pending design is available in a variety of Sidelines’ most popular finishes to complement your closet’s elegant décor. Models fit either 12” deep or 14” deep closet panels and require only 4 screws (included) to install in minutes.
Premier Racks, it doesn’t get any better than this for fine storage ware.
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