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Pressing Perfection Ironing Board

Pressing Perfection Ironing Board

Sidelines' space-saving, easy-mount Pressing Perfection™ ironing board takes a wrinkle out of time by putting a crease in your pants right where they live—in the closet! 

The fold-down board's support legs ensure even the most subborn wrinkles can be ironed out...

For tight spaces and user comfort, you may swivel the board's in-use position from 90-degrees perpendicular to the partition to any smaller angle, up to parallel to the partition.

38” long, 13” wide
When stored it is 5” thick including hardware
Fits any partition at least 14" deep and 8" wide
Entire unit is 54” tall
When stored it is 72” from the floor to the tip of the board if hardware is mounted at 38”
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